The United Arab Emirates government took a transformative decision announcing rescheduling of working days to four days with half day on Friday and weekend holiday on Saturday and Sunday in UAE on the 7th December, 2021. This order will be effective starting 1st of January, 2022, with the aim of aligning the UAE’s economy with the global markets in a better way. This rule is applicable for every public sector company including government schools and colleges. Private organizations are exempted from this new set of rules, for they can choose their own working days. 


Considering religious delications of the Sunni muslim nation the government declared working days on friday only till 12 noon before muslim prayers.




Abdulrahman AL Alwar said that the change was declared to give a boost to the economy, keeping in mind the global market, which will increase the international investment in UAE. This is also expected to promote healthy competition with other nations across the globe. (sentence too long- Edited)


The new weekend will prove to be a great boost to the trade and tourism of the country and it will create an easy and structured way for UAE to deal with other nations in all matters.


The new working hours will have an impact on the Central Bank that will have a full working day on friday. The holiday will create a great change in the banking system, striking out the gap that prevailed before.


Long weekend is said to help the financial sector of UAE and will also increase productivity gradually since there will be no communication gap with international countries taking on the equity and global market trades.


Apart from the economy, UAE is equally considerate about its citizens. This decision will help the employees to maintain a work life balance and have their own personal time with family and friends.This will create curiosity among people from other nations to be a part of UAE .  


The private companies can decide their own working days, but the Chief Executive of Marmore Mena Intelligence said that few private companies need to follow the schedule declared by the government for making rapid changes in the nation. Apart from this Mr. Al Alwar said that there is no need for private organizations to follow this long weekend, but the decision regarding the same will be taken soon.


The government of UAE, determined to put Dubai along the big cities of the world, is believed to have taken this decision for the advancement of the economy, with more changes to follow. Every plan announced over the years showcases UAE’s efforts to leave no stone unturned to make Dubai the city of progression, futuristic vision and an ideal place to live.

Abhyuday Gupta

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