The Next Big Thing in Print Industry.

The Next Big Thing in Print Industry.

Print industry has gone through tremendous conversion over the years, adopting the exciting new waves of communication and media innovation. The print industry in UAE is widening. This is mainly due to the over-saturation and privacy issues that social media confronts today. The strategies used by printing companies have been completed revolutionized and has eased the experience of the users. Through exceptional elegance and haptic stimuli innovative solutions especially in the premium segment, the demand for sophistication is increasingly noticeable in the print industry in UAE.

Top printing companies in UAE like DESCO, Spectrum Digital Print, Alpha Printing Press, Printing Press Dubai and Rainbow Printing Press are embracing the next big steps in the industry that includes innovation, digital technology integration, and customization. 

  • Innovation

The printing companies in UAE are adapting new technologies vigorously to thrive in the market. In terms of technology application, Dubai printing industry is at par with some of the most advanced regions in the western countries. 

  • Integrating digital technologies

The tactility and longevity of holding printing objects are irreplaceable. Ecommerce companies are amalgamating their ideas with the best and most recent technologies there is in the market. Printing companies in UAE are joining hands with digital media because it’s a reliable way to drive online traffic.

  • Customization

For specific customers, marketers will drill down the finely customized products as the technology unfolds new changes. The digital world will allow you to choose your demographics products. 

Evolution of Printing

Travelling through time and stage by stage we witnessed many technological breakthroughs in the print industry. From the initial stage of Woodblock printing in the 6th century to the contemporary arena of 3D printing, we comprehended the different types of printing based on their output quality; water-based to oil-based ink and many traits. Classifications of printing such as Movable-type printing, the Rotary Press, the most prominent; Offset printing, the Linotype Machine, Laser Printer and the last stage; 3D printing revolutionized the current era of print.

The approaching years are awaiting the new trends in the print industry that will strengthen the future of printing in the UAE as well as within the globe.

  • 3D Printing 

It is one of the largest and emerging digital printing techniques that is fast gaining momentum. 3D printing delivers three-dimensional object, which is a pivotal technology for operating various industries. 3D printing is seen as one of the breakthrough technologies. Company Apis Cor printed an office building in Dubai that was completely made by 3D printing technology that has proven the efficiency of 3D printing “build faster and cheaper”.  3D printing is permeating into different sectors which will provide a better future for the printing industry. 

  • Sheet Fed Digital Printing

The printing industries are benefited from this sheet-fed digital printing as it has the proficiency to print close to B2(707×500MM) sheets. The commercialization process for the companies transforms completely through this process. 

  • Erasable Printing Technology

It is a revolutionary technology demonstrated by Toshiba, where users do not have to worry about inaccurate printing materials. You just need to put it back in the printer and it will erase the undesirable content. 

  • Cost-Effective Printing 

Cost-effective printers are always in prime demand for the average print user. The aspect of printing is not just restricted to the workplace but also has become an integral part of our homes. So cost-effectiveness is a general trend.

  • Cloud Printing

Business organizations are utilizing this trend as it is a cost-effective alternative. This new technology is going to be used by more and more people in future as it gives the ability to facilitate the printing jobs on the tablet, computer and smartphones. 

Expertise in IT Facilitates Specialized Sales

Expertise in IT services facilitates effective means in the world of digital disruption by acquiring the expertise support, specialized sales and quick printing. The print industry is expanding by partnering with IT service companies that provide a broader product portfolio like print and overall security service offering.

The future of print is bright and looks exciting. The significance of industrial printing expansion is going beyond our imagination. Printing on different substrates and shapes gives endless possibilities. The list of substrates like packaging, glass, metal, textiles, levels and more are enhancing and breaking the boundary of production. 

E-Commerce Print on Demand

People love the touch of personalization in products or goods they buy. Print companies operate distinct product designer tools to provide Customization. E-commerce has taken the world by storm. Print service can utilize the potential given by e-commerce. Print-on-demand is a trend these days. Especially print product suppliers partner with different e-commerce companies that enhances more custom orders for your clients. This combination will prove the skyrocket sales and increased consumer base. It is time for the printing companies to welcome the intuition of e-commerce to take the printing business to heights. 

Sustainability in Print Industry

Upgrades in technology allow print services to elicit endurable with no effect on quality printed materials. Numerous techniques such as LED UV printing, Recycled Paper 101, Carbon Balanced Printing and Digital Printing broadens the sustainability of the print industry. Digital printing expanded the optimistic message for sustainability. Time, cost, energy and distribution savings came from digital printing that provides the right material at the right time and location. 

UAEs Vision for 3D Printing

UAE endeavors to be the World’s Hub for 3D printing technology. Dubai is aiming to build 25% of skyscrapers based on 3D printing. It is coming up with some big initiatives to drive 3D printing that aspires to impact technology for the service of mankind and promotes the significance of the UAE and Dubai as a number one hub of 3D printing technology by 2030.

HUMD’s Futuristic Vision for Print Industry

HUMD creates a more competent platform by uniting with different print companies that operate on innovation, customization and integrated digital technologies with a futuristic approach. HUMD is a printing marketplace that furnishes reusable, durable and best quality printed products. It also allows you to reach various printing merchandise created using several printing technologies such as screen printing, digital printing, heat press printing and sublimation printing.  It stimulates e-commerce printing demand and accumulates technological specialization to assist the print industry into the global market. It navigates the future aspirations of the print market into a globalized one.

Abhyuday Gupta