Marketplace v/s e-Commerce

Marketplace v/s e-Commerce

Marketplace and online website have their unique differentiation and shortcomings. However, most typically, marketplace displayed better influence than an online website on merchants and shoppers. The 21st century has proven to be the era of digital and online platform. Thus, skipping the traditional way of selling and buying products, people in general now refrain from the physical storefront, in other words, online shopping provides many benefits like reaching more customers for the vendors and round the clock customer service available for the shoppers. With cutting edge technology, diverse population and growing demand for varied products, marketplace is a suitable option for traders to thrive and take advantage of the current market trend. UAE known to be one of the world’s most vibrant markets concerning foreign trade, is quick to take measures to make online shopping a new norm. Hence it harbours a successful e-commerce industry. 

Marketplace feeds shoppers with well-organised products in large varieties from different brands whereas, on an online website you find limited category of merchandise by a particular vendor.

E-commerce Companies in UAE

A lot of established e-commerce companies like and in UAE shared their success stories, giving an optimistic outlook on the enlarging and growing e-commerce facilities in UAE.

Now the question comes. How did these e-commerce companies grow? 

High penetration and adoption of the internet among people gave rise to the concept of online shopping and helped build consumer trust. UAE government too is promoting the use of digital platform on various levels, giving rise to the number of eCommerce start-ups across the Emirate making it the new technological, creative and innovation hub. To extend convenience for consumers, e-commerce website like developed a more robust connection network like drop shipping. 

Advantages of Marketplace for the Traders

  • The marketplace gives tremendous opportunities to newbie vendors.
  • It provides scopes for small traders to sell their products on a bigger platform.

Marketplace presents numerous opportunities for small vendors and businessmen. It provides unlimited resources for offline and small vendors to sell their products on a bigger scale. Marketplace plays an enormous role in connecting the sellers with less or no knowledge of technology with their right customers. With its existing population of loyal and potential customers, marketplace helps vendor sell their products with ease. Few other benefits include:

  • Marketplace stimulates the vendors to innovate and also promotes small-scale businesses.
  • It creates an alternate source of income for vendors who are often discouraged by the slow growth of their business.
  • Online marketplaces are massive opportunities for aspiring and artistic enterprises starting small in a big industry.
  • It is an opportunity to sell their products at little or no investment.
  • Vendors are relieved of the stress involved in finding customers or marketing their products. 

Why You Should Choose Online Shopping?

  • Varied product quality at competitive price

An online marketplace attracts large number of customers who want to have options in terms of brands, prices, qualities and services to choose from. To enable continues purchase these online marketplaces offer unique deals and discounts. 

  • The purchase process is more convenient

Online marketplace has effectively simplified the shopping experience of the buyers, by giving them quick access, fast delivery and safe transaction process. Multiple e-wallets and warranted transactions make shopping at marketplace more convenient. 

  • Trusted Partnership

Online marketplace instils trust in both vendors and buyers by providing a medium to buy and sell good quality products and services. Companies are investing heavily on secured payment system, round the clock customer support, distinctive products and loyalty rewards to build a trusted collaboration.

  • Time-Saving

There is no doubt that shopping at an online marketplace is more convenient, as the buyers can browse from a spread of various products. It saves time involved in choosing and comparing identical product across various websites.

  • Exciting Online Deals

To attract more shoppers, marketplace gives offers and discounts on different commodities. From new subscriber to season offers, they induce the customers to buy more. It aims at delivering more value at less price. 

  • More Varieties

Marketplace will allow you to decide on different sizes, colours, shapes and plenty of other alternatives to settle on, which you will not find in a physical shop or an online website.

Top Online Marketplaces in UAE

Marketplaces like Amazon, Noon, Talabat and many more are dominating the eCommerce industry in UAE. These companies have managed to capture a large share of the market and are continuing to make tremendous growth. UAE’s top online companies are now going that extra mile to provide customers a hassle free online shopping experience. UAE’s e-commerce industry, consisting of giants like Namshi, Tradeling, Dubizzle to name a few, is taking buyer experience to a whole new level by focusing on innovation and looking into the future demands.

Best Online Shopping Sites in UAE

By providing convenience, safety and plethora of products many online shopping sites in UAE made it easy for consumers to avoid wasting time and pushed many buyers to shop for their desired products from their place of comfort. A few famous online shopping sites in UAE are:

  • Amazon

Amazon took over in UAE and is now the leading online shopping website in Dubai. Many international products which aren’t available on local websites are showcased on Amazon. Amazon’s product list is diverse compared to any other online shopping sites not just in UAE, but in the whole of Middle East. Customers can even buy groceries on Amazon.

  • Noon

Noon is a popular online shopping site that provides products ranging from clothes, make-ups to electronics. Their efficient delivery and transaction service made Noon one of the best online shopping sites in UAE.

  • Shein

Shein is popular among women in UAE for their stylish clothes and accessories. Known for their affordable price and trendy collection, Shein is eyeing to dominate the women’s fashion wear segment.

  • Namshi

Namshi offers fashion products by some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. It is looking to make top international brands accessible to the brand conscious UAE shoppers.

Printing Industry in UAE

Printing companies in UAE offer different types of printing services. There is more demand than ever to print personalised designs on various products. Customized printing on caps, hoodies, t-shirts and gift items attract many patrons. From personal to professional reasons, printing needs are increasing with each day. With companies across UAE looking to create and build brand awareness, customization of products has become the need of the hour. More than 1000+ online and offline printing companies in UAE are generating millions of dollars of revenue every year.

UAE’s First Printing Marketplace

HUMD an In5 Incubated Company aims to supply the best printing products. HUMD will allow you to design and print on products like visiting cards, t-shirts, mugs, roll-up standees, mugs and many more as per your demand. HUMD is one of a kind printing marketplace in Dubai that equips its customers with the best quality printing products. It offers complete end-to-end printing solutions and a number of other benefits like diverse products, more designs, secured payment and a convenient way of purchase. 

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