HUMD, The Past, Present & Future.

HUMD, The Past, Present & Future.


HUMD an In5 Incubated company set up with the vision of becoming the largest printing Marketplace in UAE. The main objective is to partner and empower small & medium size printing companies across the UAE who are hit due to Covid-19. A lot of these companies lack the means to do a technology upgrade and are looking to generate extra revenue with no additional capital investment.

Initial surveys suggested that many print companies in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and elsewhere were winding up as the print business suffered major losses due to the pandemic.

COVID-19 has forever changed retailing & its initial impact on e-commerce has created opportunities for online selling & servicing.


SME’s are the backbone of every economy and having 1000+ offline printing companies across UAE allows HUMD to provide its e-commerce expertise and technology to these companies to see new hope in these challenging times and collaborate for better growth.

UAE’s print industry size is approximately $5 billion which is an indicator of the tremendous demand and consumption of print in GCC. Government initiatives and the growing ecosystem present companies with great prospects, as the markets open in the Middle East and businesses look to make good given the room to maneuver.

HUMD aims at bringing varied printable products to its customers by providing a platform to connect with sellers across UAE.


HUMD is founded by Mohammed Zakriya and Vardha Fazal having collective experience of 25 years in Management and operations in the E-commerce and Print Industry. 

The founding team comes with experience of running a bootstrapped company Inkmar in India which has shipped more than 200k products to 8 countries and catered to more than 4k companies all around the globe. Based operationally in India, they have delivered products to brands like Zomato, Starbucks, Teavana, Milestone, Veston and many more in UAE. 


HUMD Head office is located at Dubai Internet City, Dubai. 

HUMD UAE’s First Printing Marketplace is here to disrupt the print industry and is determined to be the largest online printing company in the MENA region.

Abhyuday Gupta