GITEX 2022

GITEX 2022

GITEX 2022

GITEX an acronym of “Gulf Information Technology Exhibit is conducted in Dubai from last 40 years, an exhibition, trade show and conference, held to showcase technology and bring out digital revolution across the world. GITEX is one of the best exhibitions in UAE that plays a significant role in today’s digital world, with experienced speakers and tech heads sharing their knowledge on different technologies like Cyber security technology, GITEX X AI application, GITEX data economy, GITEX Creative economy, Women in Tech and many more.


GITEX is a much awaited event in Dubai organized at Dubai World Trade Centre, where all the leaders from across the globe attend the event to plan the strategy for the advancement in technology, showcasing most significant technologies like 5G, IT, Cloud, Gitex and AI. This event will connect visitors to the business across, speakers and new startups. GITEX helps international investors and companies around the world to share and gain ideas on the latest revolutionary technology.


GITEX helps various businesses across to adapt the new technologies and showcase their new inventions. Let’s have a look oat the significance of the event:

  1. Advancement in technology.
  2. Innovation that will lead to creation of new ideas.
  3. Helping startups to get identified in the market.
  4. Bring positive changes in the overall business sector and society, that gives business opportunities..
  5. Connects audiences with world’s greatest technology innovators and creators.
  6. Help businesses to know about their competitors.
  7. E-services available for company.
  8. Marketing tools that will help in spreading awareness.

GITEX 2022

The GITEX 2022 taking place from the 10th October, 2022 to 14th October, 2022, is a five days event that brings all technology innovators to one single platform. For the very first time, GITEX 2022 is bringing together all six tech sectors which are Fintech Surge, GITEX Global, Future Blockchain Summit, Marketing Mania, GITEX Future Stars and AI Everything, which showcases the power of technology. GITEX 2022 is looking forward to networking and empowering various businesses across the globe. It is one of the events organized in the world’s capital tech that promises 5 star experience at the event. 


GITEX 2022 acts as a marketing tool for all the exhibitors and visitors. The event helps many companies in spreading the awareness of their brands. GITEX not only focuses on sales and promotion of brands but it also bring in all business leaders together to share their views, opinions that can give opportunities to various businesses to progress, that can eventually make this world a better place with technology.

GITEX x AI: The GITEX technology week is known as “Marketing Power Pack” since it gives incredible visibility to the audiences. It helps in creating brand awareness among people through various marketing tools like applications or banners. 

MOBILE APPLICATION: GITEX x AI mobile applications helps brands to reach wider audiences and also generate leads for your brand. It connects you and your visitors, it helps audiences to search for your company and reach out to you which eventually helps your business achieve faster growth and awareness.

POWER PACK: Power pack in GITEX acts as a marketing tool that gives every business an opportunity to get connected with a wider range of audience and also connect with some valued customers. The power pack charges a fee for listing your company online. It has features like Digital listing, Banners and E-mail, Customized electronic services, Displaying products and electronic collaterals, Publish your press releases, Access to Social media platforms, Publish the categories of product and services.

CONFERENCES: The conferences with big personalities from tech and business world in GITEX 2022 will help exhibitors as well as visitors to gain an idea about the future and idea can also lead to a creation of the best technology invention. Conferences help you connect with a large number of people which helps in spreading awareness, generating leads, future growth, generating new ideas, New digital revolution, etc.

TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT: GITEX 2022 is all set to grab the attention of a large number of people. It is estimated that around 1,00,000 visitors and 4500 exhibitors from 140 countries are going to be part of the event. This will help exhibitors in showcasing their advancement in technology and development of product.



Dubai is looking forward to bringing changes in technology and is encouraging “sustainability” to contribute towards the betterment of the environment. UAE is advanced in technology sectors and is also considered to be a digitally advanced country. Dubai is focusing on transformation and becoming more autonomous in the technology sector.

DUBAI 2030: Dubai 2030 is a future plan that is being implemented by the government of UAE for making Dubai a global centre for business. From manufacturing to trade sectors. Dubai is making a way for advancement in the working of various trade areas. Dubai 2030 plan is encouraging more industrial strategy that will help in achieve economic growth.

3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY: UAE is building a 3D printing technology wanting Dubai to become a tech hub by the year 2030. This will promote the status of Dubai and will help various sectors like logistics, trade, tourism, transportation. 

SUSTAINABILITY: Dubai is encouraging “GO GREEN’’. The businesses are focusing more on going eco-friendly, that will help the country as a whole to reduce the waste and pollution aiming to make significant change across the globe.

SMART HELMETS: Smart helmets were invented during Covid 19 pandemic to make it easy for the Dubai police to check the temperatures of people fighting with the crisis. The helmet is made with thermal sensors that help in testing the temperature of 200 people per minute.

DARB TECHNOLOGIES: Darb technology is developed for Search Engine Marketing launched in 2015 that helps in giving solutions to hardware and software development and it also fulfills the aim of Dubai to be a knowledge driven based economy.



The UAE Cyber Security Council is hosting the GITEX Cyber Security Conference for the very first time that will help the world in dealing with cyber security issues quickly. 

GITEX 2022 will be putting a very positive impact on Dubai like: 

  1. GITEX 2022 will help Dubai’s 2030 plan of going autonomous.
  2. It will help Dubai progress in the technology sector.
  3. Dubai can achieve the goal of becoming a global centre for the economy.
  4. Tourism in Dubai will grow.


Humd an in5 incubated company and is GCC’s first printing marketplace. Humd is working towards making a great impact on the print industry in the UAE. A sole platform and marketplace that will help multiple offline printing companies and vendors to list down their products electronically and reach a bigger market. “GO GREEN” is something that the world is chasing for and Humd is adapting to it very well by producing sustainable products at every step. Demands of customized products are increasing day-by-day and Humd is constantly looking forward to making it possible for the customers and businesses to get desired products with ease. Humd is all set to join in for the digital revolution taking place in GITEX 2022 promoting new technology and innovation.


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