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Business Card

Kevin O said that, “I think a book is your calling card, your business card”. Business cards also known as “Visiting cards” is a marketing tool that contains key information about a business or any individual. These cards are used for the recollection of significant information about a company or a person. It is considered as the most convenient way for introducing your brand in the market. The concept of business cards have evolved over the years to make establishing business relations more easy and convenient. Today, due to the digital revolution, business cards are made in numerous designs and graphics and not just in black and white. 


The transformation in technology has led to the change in the communication process from offline to online, but printed business cards make a lot of difference as compared to online business cards. Digitally shared cards might get ignored at times, but printed ones are always an emblem of professionalism that lies in your brand.

Let’s have a look on importance of Business cards:


Exchange of business cards in any event or exhibitions helps in sharing contact information with your prospective client and it is more convenient than sharing information digitally, since it consumes more time. However, it is of utmost importance that the card should give the essence of excellence. Examples like the quality of the card, content written on it should be specific to what information you are trying to give. Business cards help in building lasting relationships with clients.


Business cards aim to connect two or more parties together to grow their venture. It is said “First impression is the last impression” and this is exactly what business cards are for. A well-made business card attracts the audience towards your brand. It helps create buzz for your business in the beginning, connecting you with your audiences and clients. 


Business cards create convenience for you. When you meet any business professionals, you talk to them about your company, but what’s next? Don’t you want to retain them ? If yes, then business cards are the easiest way to give your information and make them aware about your business, the pocket friendly cards makes it easy for any professionals to remember you and your company easily.


Direct marketing is a way of promoting your brand with a direct response, that helps in communicating with a selected group of people or organisation directly. Business cards are a best example of it. When you meet anybody who matches your brand’s identity or who you think is a best fit for your company, this card will help you save your time and directly connect with them.


Like we follow our culture in society, in the same way business follows its culture. Countries like Japan and Hong Kong consider business cards as the most important asset of any company. Some countries judge the professionalism of any venture based on the business cards and the elements on the cards like logo, font, design, etc. Therefore, business cards act as a marketing tool for any firm.


Business cards build trust among your brand and it also has a positive impact on your overall brand identity. It proffers the basic knowledge about your brand to the people, that gradually makes your brand identifiable in the course of time. Building brand identity is significant, but building it through personal communications through business cards is more effective.


Business cards have wide varieties where the cards are printed for different purposes depending on the type of firm or motive.


Private business cards are the one’s where an individual lists their personal details on it like name, contact, address, email address, etc. for their firm or either for the company in which they are working. Private business cards help in building personal relationships with clients and customers.


Some business cards contain the components that are related to the specific profession like event company will contain the element like balloons or flowers in a room, mobile company will have an image of a cellphone on it, fashion brand will have picture of clothing, etc. Profession oriented business cards are specific to the particular occupation or the goal of the company or an individual.


Today social media platforms are considered to be one of the best sites for advertising, almost all top brands create awareness through social sites for reaching a wider audience across different age groups. Social Networking business cards include the information about the company’s social sites like Instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc and some include QR code for different social media platforms that helps the audience to reach them for future collaboration.


Standard business cards are very simple yet very professional looking. It incorporates the name of the company, logo, contact number, email address, fax and address with consistent bold black font style with white background. This type of card is easily understandable and due to its simplicity it looks very uncrowded, which makes it one of the bestest business cards.


Business cards are usually two-sided but some companies prefer to make a small booklet that looks like mini brochures as a business card for giving more information about the company. In this type of card make sure that the card is reaching out to the valid audience.


The trade business cards are the cards that are used for giving the suppliers or any financial firms. These types of cards are used for only business purposes that compromises of the particulars like name, address, occupation of the person, etc that gives the details about the type of business that has been started.


Some business cards are printed only on one side having a logo and information on the front. One side looks crowded as compared to two sided cards but it is  easily eye-catching. 


There are two types of business cards: vertical and horizontal. Vertical business cards are considered to be the contemporary kind of cards while horizontal one’s are traditional business cards. Vertical business cards seem to be a little difficult at times while fitting information but at the same time it seems to give good reach in the creative field.  Horizontal business cards are regarded as trust building cards and also look more standard, that are used for professional business purposes. 


Business cards embrace some components that are very significant and cannot be missed out. Including these components is a standard practice in most organisations.

  1. Logo of the brand or company.
  2. Name of the brand or company.
  3. Contact number of the company or individual if it’s a personal business card.
  4. Email address of the company or individual if it’s a personal business card.
  5. Address of the company where it is incorporated.
  6. Website of the company for more information.
  7. Social media accounts link for reaching out.
  8. QR code if any for any sites.
  9. Fax number, if any.


When it comes to business cards it is also very important to know about its salient features and what can make it appealing. If the cards are not effective it’s of no use. Effective business cards not only help you increase your sales but also help in brand awareness, and increase the goodwill of the company. Builds trust and relationship, creates brand identity and becomes a source of marketing.

Below are some details about how you can make your business cards look effective:


Business cards should be easily readable, keep it simple with only the required information that will have a little to read but it is also easy to understand what company is trying to convey. 


With making business cards it is foremost to keep your target audience in mind, it helps in designing business cards accordingly. 


Errors are a sign of unprofessionalism, it shows that a company is not considerate about its brand identity. Avoid mistakes in your business cards, it can spoil your reputation and will also affect your future growth.


Whatever you write should be simple but attractive. Business cards should not include any fancy or complicated words that are not easy to understand and that can affect your communication and make it difficult for the readers. 


Make it look creative but it should also abide by your brand colours and it should match your brand tone. Don’t add unnecessary designs in your business cards. Creative business cards become the way for promotion if creativity is applied at its best.


Don’t overcrowd your business cards, that will be difficult to read. Keep enough space between lines and words so it will not confuse the reader. Don’t fill your business cards all with lots of information, keep only minor but important information.


Humd aims at creating customised products like business cards, flyers, freebies, roll up standees, catalogues, t-shirts and many more making it easy for organisations to promote their brand or business.  HUMD has a sublime collection of business cards such as Standard, Eco-friendly and Special business cards which will help any brand create impactful printed cards and will also help them promote their brand in a much better way. Understanding the desire of every brand and making the customised products that match every business’s preferences is what HUMD aims at. In the current era Customization is considered as an essential key to success and HUMD is here to make your brand stand out and be noticed.

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